Oversimplifying a complex issue 

While on FB this week, I saw a photo that said abortion is murder. But the caption is wrong. It is not the same thing as murder. The caption "abortion is murder" only over simplifies a complex issue.

Moms don't want a abortion for fun. No, they want it because they feel it is the only way out for them. 

At least that is what most moms think. The fact is that there are several gray areas to abortion. 

Abortion is a complex emotional topic. We are doing those who choose it a non favor if we continue to view abortion is murder. Remember that abortion is a choice chosen by terrified women. 

Saying how could they or isnt it obvious wont solve anything. There is no right or wrong answer at all. Its a escape, a way out if you will. Women who have or about to abort need love and support, not hate, anger or shock. 

Abortion is a decision that's chosen for many reasons. A decision that is often tough to make as well. Also assuming that abortion is a crime is one of the many wrong ideas that surround abortion. Its one of the reasons abortion is still a stigma in the 21st century. Even though it shouldn't be. 

In some ways, society has progressed. In other areas, not so much which is a shame. Its all too easy to judge and assume that abortion is wrong. The photo below shows as much, unfortunately. 


Welcome to Afghanistan(CP version)


In the extra needs world, there is a poem called Welcome to Holland. It is often given to newcomers when their child is diagnosed. This poem misses out the horrible parts of raising a child with extra needs. 

Here is my version of the famous poem:

You walk into the NICU crying. The NICU has signs in Arabian. You cant read any of them. The locals try to calm you down. The country is at war- you can never leave. You hear reassuring voices and you feel better for a few minutes. 

The truth is this NICU in Afghanistan is like hell for you. However, that terrible feeling in your stomach doesnt recede. Not only that, you think a fresh new wave of fear will come. You are so sure of it. 

You walk on past some people who are talking. Although their voices are low, you hear words like severe brain damage, CVI, epilepsy, seizures and CP. And, you get scared all over again. 

Presently, you look at your child. He/she is very happy and making progress. For the first time, that awful feeling abates a little. What's more, you allow yourself to feel hopeful. 

Each person will recover in their own way. Some people are naturally sunny and go straight to acceptance. Others take much longer and shuffle around. You must accept the fact you may be here for ages. 

Yet, you will leave Afghanistan with your boy/girl. That happens after a while. You learn more about the condition and realise all is not lost. And, your child will make progress.  

Plus, you will have changed for the better. Also, your child will have taught you some very important life lessons. Lessons you would never have learned otherwise. You meet people some people you may never have as well. 

The worst time of your life is over. You have left the NICU behind forever. Now, the only way is forward/up. And, things improve. You feel hope, grief and other emotions. Crying is good- it helps you. Eventually, you will stop crying and mature. 

© Tharini, all rights reserved. Date written- 24/10/2013.  

I wrote this for parents who have been forced into the extra needs world. I'm happy if you share this around. The more people I help, the better. Please tell me if you want to blog about it etc. And, remember to cite my name or link back to this post. Include my email address as well. The original poem was written for the DS community. My version is for the CP community. 

Thank you. 


J Cole, his song JoDeci and my opinion

You may have heard the song on radio or YouTube. I didnt hear the song that way. No I learned about the song when I happened to read a post about JoDeci. I dont care about the word retard it really doesnt bother me. 

No what I found troubling was that there was no attempt to use proper grammar and make sure the song made sense. None at all. And, it is not acceptable to use the word nigga in so many lines, either. 

The song is completely senseless. Next time, write a song which makes sense to me and many others. 

The unknown Mami

If you dont know who Unknown Mami is, that's okay I understand. Unknown Mami has another name, Claudya Martin- her real name. I found out about her, when I read a post about her at AutismWonderland. 

AutismWonderland is sort of like Alice in Wonderland. Except, the blog is written by a lady named Lisa. So.. lets get back to Unknown Mami, then. Claudya has a blogging website, not just a blog on WordPress or Blogspot. 

Here is the link I was going to write about Drake, but this somehow seemed more important. And, I will write about him and JoDeci- song name soon, I promise. 

I almost forget about AutismWonderland. If any one is interested, I have put the link at the bottom of the post. And, it has artwork. Of all the blogs I read, hers is the only one with artwork. Makes AW stand out. 

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