The unknown Mami

If you dont know who Unknown Mami is, that's okay I understand. Unknown Mami has another name, Claudya Martin- her real name. I found out about her, when I read a post about her at AutismWonderland. 

AutismWonderland is sort of like Alice in Wonderland. Except, the blog is written by a lady named Lisa. So.. lets get back to Unknown Mami, then. Claudya has a blogging website, not just a blog on WordPress or Blogspot. 

Here is the link I was going to write about Drake, but this somehow seemed more important. And, I will write about him and JoDeci- song name soon, I promise. 

I almost forget about AutismWonderland. If any one is interested, I have put the link at the bottom of the post. And, it has artwork. Of all the blogs I read, hers is the only one with artwork. Makes AW stand out. 

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  1. Unknown Mami is a fabulous site and you will be so glad that you have found her. I have been reading her for almost four years! Glad you joined the Frags.


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