Schools, the problems with them and politicians

Over the past five days, I read a number of posts about the school system. It seems the politicians are only interested in grades, levels and exams. In the real world, we need to know about loans, mortgages, bills, contracts and percentages. 

Children also need to learn how to use electronic calculators to do fast calculations. They also need to know how to use a keyboard effectively. Algebra and geometry aren't essential. Unless of course you are doing a job which asks for that sort of maths. 

The not yet rolled out curriculum wants to teach pupils some sort of English grammar as well. I literally laughed at that one because let's be honest, English grammar is as useful to pupils as mud or grass, quite frankly.  

Boys/girls are taught unessential exam skills not vital conversation skills. Or, empathy, personal presentation or decision making. Neither are our kids being taught how to be assertive. 

Education should not be at the mercy of politicians. Clearly, they do not have teachers and learners best interests at heart. Nor, are they responsible. Instead, they are unresponsible, uncaring fools. 

Thank you Michael Gove. All praise the British education system. P.S If you want a different perspective, Ross Mountney has written a post about the same topic. The link is at the bottom of the post.

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