Oversimplifying a complex issue 

While on FB this week, I saw a photo that said abortion is murder. But the caption is wrong. It is not the same thing as murder. The caption "abortion is murder" only over simplifies a complex issue.

Moms don't want a abortion for fun. No, they want it because they feel it is the only way out for them. 

At least that is what most moms think. The fact is that there are several gray areas to abortion. 

Abortion is a complex emotional topic. We are doing those who choose it a non favor if we continue to view abortion is murder. Remember that abortion is a choice chosen by terrified women. 

Saying how could they or isnt it obvious wont solve anything. There is no right or wrong answer at all. Its a escape, a way out if you will. Women who have or about to abort need love and support, not hate, anger or shock. 

Abortion is a decision that's chosen for many reasons. A decision that is often tough to make as well. Also assuming that abortion is a crime is one of the many wrong ideas that surround abortion. Its one of the reasons abortion is still a stigma in the 21st century. Even though it shouldn't be. 

In some ways, society has progressed. In other areas, not so much which is a shame. Its all too easy to judge and assume that abortion is wrong. The photo below shows as much, unfortunately. 

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