Ten toys for children with special needs

1- Cozy Coupe. This toy helps you strengthen your legs. You can go forwards or backwards with this toy. 

2- Rocking Caterpillar. The rocking motion makes you use the core muscles. The antennae allow you to hold on and stay upright using the arms. 

3- Shake&Crawl Racer. This toy is very colourful. It also plays music and can be easily moved as well. This toy wont stop rolling until the child shakes the rattle or rolls the ball on top of the car. Good for cause and effect. 

4- Poppity Pop Musical Dino. The toy helps the child focus and improve their vision. It also teaches the child to release things.  

5- Interstar Rings. These rings are easy to pick up. The texture is appealing and the design can be manipulated. 

6- Duplo Building Set. The bricks promote creativity which is a good thing. The parent can use them to help the child understand colours and sizes. The fabulous thing is that there is no correct way to use the bricks. 

7- Ice Cream Cone Playset. The pieces can be used in matching, stacking and counting games. The toy teaches the child to ask for what they want. Very good toy. 

8- Parum PumPum Drum. Another musical toy which can be used to help the child learn about colours and shapes. And, about textures. 

9- Brilliant Activity Bugs. This wonderful toy forces children to open their hands, finger isolating, use both hands and bend their elbows. It also provides the children with lots of fun and entertainment.

10- Zany Zoo. The toy comes with beads, pens, doors and animals. All of which will help the child to practise their fine motor skills. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these useful toys for special need children. There are more toys which are helpful for autistic children to improve their skilss. These are Thera band, The pencil grip, Ark Tehrapeutic, or Chewy tubes etc.
    oral motor tools India

  2. Its okay. My daughter has CP, not autism. Are there any toys you would recommend for children with CP like my daughter Abby?
    And sorry for the late response.


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