My opinion on the end the word retard campaign

This week I came across a blog post saying the word retard should be banned. The blog owner, Ellen also said it was not about the word itself, it was about respect. 

Banning the word retard is not going to improve the lives of the disabled even though some people idiotically claim it will. I cant agree with her or the campaign for that matter. I dont believe in banning words because I believe in free speech. 

And, when you believe in that, you cant pick the words you only wish to hear. Ellen doesnt believe the campaign is about censorship, she thinks it is about respect. I disagree it IS about censorship. Plus, I hate anything that claims to *help* the disabled and doesnt. Let me tell you, it is a complete waste of time and valuable resources. 

Simply asking people to stop using it will not stop antisocial behaviour. Nor, will it help to prevent hate crimes against disabled people. Basically, this campaign rewards people for doing nothing which is utterly disgraceful. 

And, the campaign was a failure right from the very start too. People will also feel they have made a difference when they haven't which disturbs me. I know Ellen received some disgusting remarks on her blog post. 

Those sort of responses should remind us that people are entitled to say what they want to.  I dont even believe that the use of the word retard is even a issue either. Treating the disabled with respect is a issue. And, we should focus our energy and attention on that. 

There is a wise saying a word is a word even if the word hurts. Also, the context the word is used in, is everything. 


Colin Brewer is behind the times

To summarise, Colin Brewer said "that all disabled children be put down" in February. The comments were understandably distressing to a large number of people worldwide. 

Many of them, including Hayley G of urged him to give up his post and resign. And, he did after a hard hitting interview with Laurence of BBC Radio Cornwall. We don't need people with outdated and warped opinions any more. 

I want you to remember that the large majority of people are good and loving individuals. And, that only a few people with old fashioned views like Mr Brewer exist. 

Unfortunately, signing ePetitions or complaining to the Cornwall Council doesnt work anymore as no one can fire Mr Brewer. Here is a article by Mr John Pring of Disability News Service. Warning, do not read the article if you are easily upset or squeamish as the article is not a nice pleasant one.  


Blog promotion post

I thought I would do a blog promotion post. Hayley  is the author of a blog about Downs Sydrome. 
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