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There are travel books, magazines and brochures out there, I know that. However for this post, I'm going to squeeze them all under the umbrella term of travel literature. The fact that people have been interested in travel ever since 2000 obviously helped. Well that's what I think so anyway. 

One website is the Thomas Cook site. TC run the website and the company has a shop in my local shopping centre on the second floorThe store has a staff desk and free travel brochures too. Anyone can pop in and take one of their excellent brochures. Or, you can speak to the staff working there. Im not sure if they have a website. I would imagine they do, however.

Another popular well known maker of travel guides are Lonely Planet. They even own a website called Unlike Thomas C, LP do not have a physical store. Instead, they have a online shop on their website. For some reason, I cant change the link colour to black. 

As well as books, there are several good travel magazines. Several of them are sold in  WHS today. The range of magazines include Come to France. Travel guides made by LP are also available in the shop. 

I could have written about the variety of magazines and books which exist. But that would have taken forever, I'm not kidding. So I decided to choose a genre and stick to it when I was doing this post in my head. 

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