Disgusting and disturbing things that people say

I read a news article called what is CP. I thought the writer had some really weird ideas regarding CP. The article claims the brain can withstand damage. That is not true. The writer also thinks that there are risk factors which contribute to CP. 

The truth is you can have a wonderful uneventful pregnancy and your child still gets CP. I read the comments as well. Some of them are disturbing. One commentator posted a disturbing comment. Here is what she said( and I shortened it for this post). 

We are Gods instruments here on earth not only are we called to give physical care but spiritual care as well. God loves all of us and is too wise to make a mistake. Oh please Malila dont say such utter bullshit. How do you know God has never made a mistake, eh? And God doesnt give us more than we can handle, pah! I am laughing at your ridiculous comment. Plus, your English is terrible as well. 

Another commentator said this- I suggest all those affected to use Homeopathy. Dr. Durgass you do know that homeopathy does not work. I cleaned up the comment so that it makes sense though. 

The next comment is even more disturbing. It was written by a Indian living in India. I will paraphrase the comment for you here- Please tell me how you can cure CP. I cant find any solution for the disease. 

First of all, Shubham you cant treat or cure CP. It is not a disease. I get really annoyed when people claim it is a illness because the truth is it is not a sickness. 

Next comment on this post- Balanced diet, fresh air, exercise, good sleep. Avoid tea,coffee, soft and alcoholic drinks. Keep cool and calm. Doctors are sometimes wrong. Don't take any medications.

John those things are good but it wont work if you have CP. It is not progressive since it is a condition not anything else. Why cant you take medications? Because sometimes you just have to John. Please dont give such unrealistic advice, as people will ignore it. 

To the commentators above, stop thinking CP is curable. It is not, it is manageable. There is a HUGE difference, do realise and remember that. 

One last comment- Parents with children that have CP must not feel sad or feel if they are losing out on something. God will never give you more than you can handle. God knows you will care for the child. He will always make you happy. We will always be blessed and we must treat our children if they are normal.

Again, why bring God into this. He has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with CP. Stop thinking he does. I agree we must treat them as normal but dont overdo it. However I disagree as God doesnt exist. And, he never has. Children with CP are losing out on a lot in life actually. Your claim that they arent, is totally untrue Marlene. 

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