Colin Brewer is behind the times

To summarise, Colin Brewer said "that all disabled children be put down" in February. The comments were understandably distressing to a large number of people worldwide. 

Many of them, including Hayley G of urged him to give up his post and resign. And, he did after a hard hitting interview with Laurence of BBC Radio Cornwall. We don't need people with outdated and warped opinions any more. 

I want you to remember that the large majority of people are good and loving individuals. And, that only a few people with old fashioned views like Mr Brewer exist. 

Unfortunately, signing ePetitions or complaining to the Cornwall Council doesnt work anymore as no one can fire Mr Brewer. Here is a article by Mr John Pring of Disability News Service. Warning, do not read the article if you are easily upset or squeamish as the article is not a nice pleasant one.  

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  1. thank you for joining us with you words Tharina.
    Much love Hayley


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