Therapies for CP children

According to Wikipedia there are several different therapies available but I will cover three in this post. Therapy aims to help the child or young person acquire skills. Many different people can carry out therapy including parents and grandparents. 

It can even be done by the child if they want to. Qualified therapists include physio, speech and OT. They direct the session and help the child. Physio and OT help the child to improve or develop motor skills. 

Physiotherapists focus on skills such as walking, crawling, jumping, rolling and other activities which use the legs. They also assist with rehabilitation. Physio also use tests  which include assessment in their first session with the child. 

Occupational therapists help the child to acquire independent living skills. OTs also pay attention to normal activities like feeding or drinking. If needed, your OT or physio will order lycra suits, leg or arm splints or any other equipment deemed necessary. 

Make sure you choose a physio who is hands on and has worked with children with cerebral palsy. The same applies to the OT and the speech therapist as well. The parent should ask the PT if she/he is hands on. 

The parent should also check the PT has worked with children with the condition. I hope this article helps you. 

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