A charity called Scope

Scope is a UK charity for disabled children and parents. They offer a range of services including therapies, breaks and conducive education. Conducive education takes the form of schools for parents. As well as that, they provide information, support and help for parents. 

You can contact Scope via the contact section of their website. The contact details page includes a telephone number and email address. Their online forum is used by thousands of UK parents everyday. Scope also run a manned helpline for parents eight hours a day Mon- Fri. 

The charity run a number of campaigns. The new one is Britain Cares and the details are on this page- All you have to do is press the I care button, its blue. But, participating in the campaign is entirely optional. There is also a list of previous campaigns below the current one. 

Scope have a Facebook and a Twitter account. Scope's Facebook page is here- SIDE NOTE- You dont have to like it though, again it is not required. I think SCOPE have been in the news, not sure when and in which newspapers though, sorry. 

And you can find your local shop using the useful shop finder tool. There are loads more of useful features on the website. I cant list them all, it would take forever. If any of you want to contact Scope, here is their email address 

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