Four different therapies available on the NHS

There are many types of therapies which exist today. Wikipedia has a extensive list of therapies. However I decided to focus on the four common ones. Those are, physio, OT, speech and vision. Okay, maybe vision therapy isnt that common but who cares. All of those therapies are available on the NHS. 

SIDE NOTE- The therapy directory has details of therapists. Here is the website- The site is a UK one though. 

Physiotherapy is hands on. But some physios prefer the useless hands off method. I do not understand that at all. Don't become a physio if you are never going to touch the child, please. Yes its wrong and everything, but there is a exception for physios. 

OT is another type of therapy. Unlike physio, OT is hands off mostly. OT therapists do have to get hands on sometimes. OT therapy is concerned with feeding, swallowing and so on. 

SALT therapy is pretty obvious. This form of therapy is communication based. Speech therapists help children who cant talk. I dont think this sort of therapy is hands on.. But I could be wrong, feel free to correct me. 

SIDE NOTE 2-  Funnily enough OT, vision and speech are not mentioned. Why is this, as OT, vision and speech ARE effective proven therapies. Unlike homeopathy which is mentioned... well never mind. 

On to vision therapy. I'm guessing vision therapy is about vision. Again, I dont know a lot about this kind of therapy or its effectiveness either. In fact it probably does work.

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