This doctor has to be reported

There is an Indian doctor who thinks CP can be 'cured' by homeopathy. We know that is not true. I also dont believe his patients have had any 'success' either. According to him, CP has two other names and is a disease. CP is not a disease, doctor you should know that. Nor, can CP be caused by a infection. 

And, his English is appalling. He says homeopathy is definitely suggested for all cases of cerebral palsy. Doctor, you know what, homeopathy is not going to cure CP or autism. As these are life long conditions. 

Your ridiculous claims make me mad. I am going to report his website to the Internet Fraud Watchdog, IFW for short. In fact, we all should. That way he can learn he is a fraud. Here is where you report him 

To help you fill it out, say homeopathy fraud in the comments bit on the form. Like I said earlier, the more reports, the better. 

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