Inclusion is a good thing. ALL parents should know it is actually. But, do they? In fact, inclusion for me, took on a whole new meaning after my cousin Nina was born. Some parents say you hurt the many by helping the few. Really, is that all you can say. Why must parents come up with crazy stupid excuses? 

To me, inclusion is not inclusion unless every one including the severely disabled are included. I also believe effective teachers are the ones who meet the needs of all the pupils. No one should be against inclusion. Inclusion is a good thing. It exposes children to all children. Whether that is children with CP, downs syndrome, dyslexia etc. 

The parents who have the cheek to say it 'disadvantages' my child are wrong and lack empathy, compassion and a open mind. Inclusion has many benefits. Including, the values I wrote about in the second paragraph. 

I never knew inclusion was a issue till I read this Telegraph article. Here is the link for it-

I read the article and was horrified by the school's absurd decision. Where is their inclusion policy? Answer- they dont have one which is shocking.  The headmaster talked about 'inclusion' yet the school refuses Samuel. Doesn't seem like inclusion to me, does it? 

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