The dangers of not vaccinating

This weekend I read a post about not vaccinating. I was shocked that people agreed with the post. I would have thought they would have disagreed with her. One commentator said her child was damaged by vaccine severely. 

Oh Janet, I find that almost impossible to believe, yes I do. You do know vaccine saves lives each year. But, you are taking a SERIOUS risk by not vaccinating. Janet it is vital that you get your children vaccinated. You will meet risky situations and then what happens then? I'm telling you, you will regret it someday. 

Claiming your child suffered damage is NEVER a good excuse. So please do not use that excuse again, Janet. A baby has to be exposed to germs, yes I know that. But, they should never be exposed to the disease, only the vaccine. 

Janet do you know vaccinating your children is one of the most important things you can do for their health and safety. The first is buckling them into a carseat. See, here's a fact. Women in 2nd world countries force their children to get vaccinated, that is true. 

Yet, we are refusing out of stupidity and unfounded fears I think so anyway. Why else would you refuse? I would get my baby vaccinated in a heartbeat and in the past, I have done so. Also Janet there is NO such thing as pro vaccine crazies. 

Please dont be so rude and describe us like that. We are not crazy, we are SENSIBLE. There's a big difference. Here's a link to the post below by the way. Read it if you want to. The post is written by Stacie Lewis.
(CORRECTION. Some of the comments are about vaccinating, not the post). Sorry for that)

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