Stupid things hospital staff say to me

Have you pooed? Do doctors realise how inappropriate this question is? Doctors DO not need to ask a patient this gross question every time they come to the hospital. Asking once in a while is not unappropriate, asking every time is. 

Only give Fentanyl once a day. Do you actually realise I am in pain? A LOT. If you come to my home and observe me, then you would not give crap advice. 

Are you pregnant? Does it look like I'm pregnant. What a stupid thing to ask. It also indicates the receptionist is sort of stupid. 

You need to paint your nails again. I was livid when a doctor said to me. And, surprised a doctor had the cheek to say that. I dismissed her though. She was crap anyway. 

You have cancer. A doctor said this to me in 2005. I knew I had cancer though so I was never really sure why he said it. Maybe to reconfirm? 

Im sure there is more but I cant be bothered right now. 

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