Low cost entertainment

This post mentions ways to save money at the theater, cinema etc. I hope you will find this post useful and informative. 

1-Go and see a show before reviews appear in the papers. It is a lot more cheaper and easier if you have a child who hates crowds. 

2- Check newspapers for adverts which offer discounts for popular shows at quiet times in the years. Make sure you quote the reference number when you book. That way, you will benefit from a 50% discount. Or, even a 2 for 1 offer.

3- Purchase tickets for West End Shows on the performance day from the booking office. The staff might even sell them half price. 

4- Join a scheme like Shape Arts as a driver. You will have your travel expenses reimbursed and even get to see the show free of charge as well. 

5-  You should check this useful website before you travel by train. The website has information on 2for1 entry deals to many of London's popular attractions as well as vouchers.

6- If you love theater, it is a good idea to sign up for the theatre mailing list. If you can, you should always book direct as a agency will charge a fee. 

7- Become a member of the National Theatre. The membership fee is only £12 a year and you will receive performance schedules. You will also have access to priority booking and discounted tickets offers.

8- Ask bookshop staff if there are events such as literary evenings. A number of bookshops also have free poetry reading events. A glass of wine may also be included in the entry fee as well. 

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