CP is a condition NOT a disease

Dear Commentators

One comment stated CP is a disease.

Well commentator, you are wrong. CP isnt a disease its a condition. Did you know that or not? CP is NEVER progressive or contagious. Your comment was pure disturbing and will only convince more people that it is contagious. 

Which is NOT what we want or need, sigh. Also CP varies and there are MANY different forms of it. Even the doctors know that. I wish someone told her she was wrong. 

Another comment said rules are rules. Yeah I know but sometimes rules needed to be broken and accommodations NEED to be made. 

And, do please show some empathy and compassion towards poor old Max. What is the matter with people. Are they so devoid of love that they cannot display empathy or compassion then? I dont get it. You all should be shamed and embarrassed of yourself. Here is the article the comments were a part of

That is utterly depressing and sad. Read them if you want. I dont even want to, as they are disturbing.  Here's yet another disgusting comment by a uncaring twat. Another example of people feeling the rules don't apply to them, sorry lady that's just how it works. Really what the hell is wrong with you? The commentator I mean. 

Of course the rules needed to be bended in order to accommodate Max. The life guards could have done that WITHOUT needing to call the police. The fact they did only shows that they have NO common sense whatsoever. 

This has to be the most utterly stupid comment of all. Excuse me if you have a special needs child and you need a device for them, why should the public pay for it?  Dear mean poster, the public has to pay to accommodate the disabled or disadvantaged. It happens here in England, why not America too, eh? Show some empathy and compassion. 

Last comment posted here in this blog post. The problem is that people with special needs seem to think they are better than us. What the fuck are you on about? I've never heard such a sadistic comment. 

I feel sorry for the Mama who was asked to leave. It was unneeded. At the very least the staff could have suggested a alternative. Did they? Nooo they refused to think outside the box which is a shame. 

I think the commentators suffer from a personality handicap. Which is FAR worse than physical handicaps. Never seen a lack of empathy so obvious than on that article. What is wrong with society, its like we live in the Dark Ages, sigh. Or, in a developing country? 

It seems I was wrong, yet ANOTHER retarded comment. Blah blah blah the exception should never have been made. Oh sorry unfeeling lady do you wish to discriminate against the poor old boy?  

Another heartless retarded comment. Shame on the mother for not caring enough about her child to keep him safe in the water by buying a flotation device that is approved and is truly life saving. For one thing he/she can't spell. And, he got that from where?? It is NOT stated anywhere in the article so dont give us that crap. 

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