David Cameron's costly mistakes

This evening I read a article on David Cameron's new tax plans. You want my view on the matter then. Okay here is what I think it is a complete waste of our money and time. Why is he spending time and valuable money on a stupid tax scheme, eh? I will never understand that.  To me, it is bureaucracy gone completely bonkers. 

The fact he is proposing this plan while we are all poor is mad, simply mad. I still dont know why  he was too lazy to ring fence funding for councils in England. How can a father of a disabled child simply shove our children aside? It is completely immoral and distressing. He wants my disabled daughter to rely on the State all her life.

My 11 month daughter loves play and toys but cannot sit unaided. I looked at my 2 hands this morning and felt grateful I can use them properly. Anna's dedicated and lovely OT, physio, SALT, vision and social worker are all based in the community. All of them receive funding from Epsom/Ewell Council. 

Let me tell you, the less therapy she receives, the longer it will take her to be independent. I will never stop fighting for what my daughter needs in order to be independent. It makes very little, actually no financial sense to take the people and equipment which will help Anna, away from her. 

Congratulations, lets all hail and worship your idea of a Big Society. 

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