The pros and cons of watching TV

I came across a article disparaging TV online. I think TV can be good. There are many excellent programmes out there. One example is Sesame Street. Most people love and have a telly. TV shows allow you to have something to talk about with your friends. Very few TV shows are rubbish. And, TV shows dont promote any kind of violence. 

However most parents only allow children to watch 1 hour only. I like watching TV shows it  is good for the brain. I dont think TV makes children fat, that is virtually impossible. Most parents do take their daughters/sons to the park actually. 

The article makes the idiotic claim it is poor parenting. I dont believe that is true. In fact, it is impossible. Many good parents let their child watch TV. The piece also says people dont have to think. Some programmes do encourage to people think. There are more pros than cons of watching TV. 

The writer seems to think that TV can affect unsupervised children in a big way. Really, you dont need to be supervised while watching TV. I think the article is out of touch with reality. Also, the article was poorly written. The writer should have conducted some research then written the piece. 

People can learn so much from TV. 

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