Why I dont believe in homeopathy

I came across a website which promoted homeopathy. The website is a Indian one. Sorry but I dont believe homeopathy even works. I wish the NHS would ban homeopathy and focus on effective therapies instead. Homeopathy offers a strategically planned approach towards the treatment of developmental disorders which incorporates medicines and behavioural therapy. 

Does anyone have any proper evidence to prove it works. Nope, people think the therapy works but it doesnt. Homeopathy is a waste of money. I have discovered homeopathy practitioners waste time doing it. Homeopathy is merely a cock and bull thing. Homeopathy is also a waste of valuable resources. 

The parents could spend the money on other things. Like, books, food or clothes for example. Of all the silly stupid things out there, homeopathy has to be the most ridiculous, I think. The problem is that homeopathy abuses the placebo effect and promises a 'solution' or 'end' to desperate people. And, they make money out of it which is dreadful. 

What is even worse is that homeopathy has never been proven scientifically. On the Baby Centre blog, a lady wrote a post defending the therapy. Baby Centre is a parenting website. Elsie- that is her name, said homeopathy resulted in her pregnancy. I'm not sure I believe that is true. In fact, I dont. 

Because the only real way to start a pregnancy, is sex. Uncontrolled sex, for that matter.  Maybe, a death would convince them homeopathy is utterly pointless. Here are some pictures of practitioners. 

Virendray Kumar 

Asif Syed 

Devi Roy 

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