A open letter to Sarah Palin

Sarah P if you are reading this, I hope you take it as constructive criticism. Because that is actually what it is. And, you had the powers and the opportunity to change society's views on disabilities. It seemed like such a wasted opportunity. I was completely disgusted and annoyed with your attitude as well. 

I would love to see you taking care of your son not leaving it to Todd. Kudos to Todd for helping but why cant you prepare your son's pureed food, then? There better be a good reason for not doing it. All you do Sarah, is shove Trig in the limelight. No offense but you should be involved in his care. Show us some photos of him and you once in a while. 

Sarah, you should teach society not to pity and feel bad for Trig. Pity is a very dangerous emotion. And, a wasted one far too often. Look at Trig and feel proud of him. Surely he is has been beating the odds and making progress since day one. Ignore other people's opinions, they are not important. 

Nothing can possibly make up for cruelty. Cruelty is a by product of ignorance and just as dangerous as pity. In fact, even more so. Quit thinking Trig is not 'normal'. Like I said earlier, normal does not exist. Break out of the comparison idea, Trig is very young and full of potential too. 

I did have a lot of respect for you Sarah but that went to hell after I read the article. 

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