Therapy activities and exercises to do at home

There are hundreds of therapy activities out there. However I will only cover OT activities which is easier. The following ideas are taken from a therapy website called The website is full of OT activity ideas and has a search engine feature. 

1) Water running is a popular activity. The aim of the activity is to help the child develop and strengthen their finger muscles. 

2) Pom-Pom Bird helps the child improve their grasping skills. The aim of the activity is to make birds of different sizes. 

3) Crossing Colours is another recommended one. In this activity, the child has to draw between vertical lines while standing. An added bonus is that the child practises mid line crossing and functional grasping as well. 

4) Crumbles is a fabulous one. Your child has to crumple the paper into tiny little balls. Is good for manual dexterity and strengthening the finger muscles. 

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