A useful charity called Cerebra

Cerebra is a UK based charity which aims to help brain damaged children and their carers/parents. As well as that, they do a lot of research into neurological conditions like cerebral palsy. 

In fact, there is a whole multitude of other things they do. Like, providing information for the parents. And, trained support workers who talk to the parents. What's more, they even help you fill out forms and attend meetings. 

Cerebra even run a grant scheme which funds equipment and services to make life easier,  their words, not mine. There is soo much help available and I cant explain it all, sorry readers. If you wish to learn more about Cerebral, here is a link below.

SIDE NOTE- Sorry for such a unusual short post, I am exhausted after a night of extreme dining and partying in Epsom. Obviously I paid the price, as they say. I promise a more detailed post next time though. 

I am off to sleep, I am that tired.

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