Despicable lady forces a disabled child to leave

Over the weekend, I happened to read an appalling article in the Sun. The article was about a crazy Costa worker who made a family leave. Her reason, another customer moaned and was 'put off' is not a good enough reason. 

My opinion is that Costa should have told the customer who had the audacity to make up such a terrible excuse, to get out, instead. Staff said other people were also uncomfortable  too. Costa if that is true, why not insist that the uncomfortable customers leave or stay and keep quiet. 

Or, even better, apologise to the affected family and insist that those shallow customers never come back. All of those options are far more sensible than the one that you actually did. What is worse, the moaning customer got a free cup of coffee because it was 'inconvenient' for her.

A fifth choice would have been to teach the lady to handle such situations better. I dont agree with some posters who said that Costa should be blamed. Because I dont think this one incident reflects on the whole company. Let's face it, that is not possible. 

She should never have got a free cup of coffee. Another lame excuse issued by Costa covering their asses, no doubt about that. I dont get why the worker must go along with the needs of a difficult customer either. 

(Sorry to Linzie, I needed to write about the issue. In a different way though, I dont do outright copying). 

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