On Downs Syndrome and the new screening test

Yesterday afternoon, while surfing the Internet, I came across an article which discussed the new Downs syndrome screening test. I dont think women should be forced to take the test, not if they dont want to. Out of plain curiosity, I decided to read the comments section at the bottom. 

The first poster said" I think the test is wonderful. Care homes are not a option because he/she would be treated badly. Stop being small minded". What, does no one have trust in care home workers, then?? Also, sometimes care homes are a necessity. And, the people who dont abort, are not small minded and a coward, you are. 

The second poster said" Your job as a parent is to raise a child who should be independent". Not necessarily, sometimes the child will never be able to be completely independent. These comments are utterly disgusting and disturbing. Yes, raising a child with issues does require effort but if you cant do it, dont be a parent. It really is as simple as that. 

Next commentator said" Why bring a damaged person into the world when it can be prevented"? You seriously think Downs children are damaged, then? Okay, that shows you are small minded and a despicable person, really despicable. I never thought people would display cowardice and small mindedness. 

On the flipside, here is a positive comment. I dont know why it was worst rated it should NOT have been. "Don't get pregnant if you're not prepared and never forget you killed a child because you didn't want to make the effort and provide a little more help and support for longer". So true, I love the comment. 

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