The most appalling article of 2011- maybe

If you were asked to describe the UK mobility scheme, what words would you use? And more importantly, what reasons would you cite? 

The mobility scheme is supposed to help the disabled population get around independently. But the Sunday Times thinks otherwise. The newspaper printed a article claiming that the scheme was 'abused'. Really Sunday Times, why would you try and promote hate propaganda, it is UTTERLY despicable. 

Your claim that the State hands out vehicles in a £500m scandal is a shocking lie. I cannot remember the government being that kind to the disabled. Ever in my opinion. It gets worse too, here's the disgusting bit. The Sunday Times seem hell bent on promoting hate crime, which we all know we need... thank you for that. 

I also think the article is a nice way for the privileged to claim they hate the disabled folk entirely. Privileged in this sense means the government. But, it only makes them look like they are crazy sociopaths. Also, the article is rather crass, uncaring and totally appalling as well. 

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