Colin Brewer, the former councillor

On one of my favourite blogs, the owner wrote a post saying Colin Brewer has now officially resigns (for lack of a better phrase). 

I guess I feel sort of happy he has gone but I never gave much thought to him. It never really occurred to me, really. Many special needs parents will be over the moon and rightfully make a big deal of the fact he left. 

Not only that, he has been banned from working with disabled children ever again. I must say I have mixed feelings about that. He has been asked to take a media training course as well. Not sure who told him though, presumably some annoyed man. Or, a woman. 

This despicable incident has done 1 good thing, it brought the disabled community together. Lets hope he does not take part in any future elections ever again. Oh and it forced people to protest and organise campaigns etc. 

As another blogger says, attitudes like his needs to change, he should make a effort to see beyond the disabilities. In other words, he should look at the abilities and personality, not the disability of the child. 

If you're new to my blog, please read my previous post about the man- It makes sense to read it, then you will know who he is. And, what he said. 

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