British citizens and their obsession with the gap year

A gap year is what 18 year old boys and girls do after they finish full time education. It literally means a year spent in a different country doing something completely new. Some teens go to Africa and help build villages. 

Other teens waste the year, drinking themselves crazy in bars and discuss how 'amazing' the poor know what the definition of real joy is too. For the record, it is not amazing, the poor should know how to laugh and all.

Lately, families have been taking their daughters and sons out of schools so they can teach them without any restrictions. The oppositions are teachers who insist they must learn how to read, write and spell etc. 

My own feeling is that a child learns much better if they are not stuck in a boring old classroom for six hours a day. To me, that is a real waste of time. I wouldnt want my own daughter/son in a classroom. No, I would want them with me travelling the world. 

Even if my children had needs, I would still feel the same way. Unless their needs were so severe when continuous travelling would not be a option. 

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