Tips for when your child with Downs is beginning school

Its that time of the month when you are sending your daughter/son off to school. Maybe, you had to get a statement of special needs for the child. 

Here are some tips

1- Let your child meet his/her future classmates. Invite them round for tea or lunch at your house. And, vice verse.

2- Take photos of the staff and pupils. Glue them into a scrapbook and write the names on labels. Then put the labels below the photos.

3- Allow your child to set the pace. It is wiser to start off small than to start too big and find you are in over your head. 

4- Encourage your child to show interest in their school clothes. Purchase plenty of cheap 2nd hand uniform. Leave 2 changes of clothes in your child's classroom.

5- Be friendly with the teachers. Talk about your child's day. Also voice any naggling concerns as well. 

6- Suggest ideas you know your child responds to well. Every child has a unique learning style, find out what your child's preferred one is. 

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